Telangana Congress Observes ‘Satyagraha Deeksha’ Against TRS Government

Telangana News


Hyderabad, Dec 23 : The Telangana Congress observed a one-day “Satyagraha Deeksha” alleging that the state government was weakening Panchayati Raj institutions and urban local bodies.

Speaking to the media, Uttam Kumar Reddy, head of TPCC, Member of Parliament, said: “The state institutions of Telangana Panchayati Raj and urban local communities have been neglected and on weekends deliberately and deliberately by the TRS government. So today (Tuesday) we observed a Satyagraha Deeksha day against neglect and also some kind of conspiracy against local elected officials of Congress. ”

We started today, we will fight the government on a serious note on this issue of neglect and weakening of the institutions of Panchayati Raj and urban local communities and their elected representatives, he added.

Congress leader Ponnam Prabhakar said, “We just mean government, not to wrest the rights of elected people for the local body. Government has no role in development.”


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