Amid Ramzan, Hyderabad haleem store provides employment to thousands of unemployed people

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Amid Ramzan, Hyderabad haleem store provides employment to thousands of unemployed people

Hyderabad (Telangana), April 30 : Amid the ongoing holy month of Ramzan, a Haleem store in Hyderabad has provided employment opportunities to more than a thousand unemployed people in the city, of which most are under-privileged college-going youngsters who work here part-time to meet their expenses.

“More than a thousand individuals have been employed at the store, of which maximum are the students working here part-time from 4 pm to 9 pm,” Mohd Abdul Musi, the owner of Pista House told  on Friday.

Speaking further, he said that more than 500 students have been provided with part-time opportunities to work as cashiers, supervisors, etc at over 25 outlets of the store in the state.

“Since the preparation of haleem is a tough job, more than 400 people are employed specifically for this task,” he added.

Haleem is an Arabian dish prepared by cooking grains, meat, spices, dry fruits, ghee, and milk among other ingredients on a low flame. This dish eventually gained popularity in Hyderabad, Telangan a, and Maharashtra with time.


Musi, further said, that it is a matter of immense pride that they are capable of sending it to the Middle East countries, from where the dish originated.

“It is full of so many proteins, vitamins, and minerals, so there are no disadvantages but only advantages of haleem,” said a customer at the store.

“After fasting for the whole during Ramzan, having haleem here is awesome as it gives instant energy because of its nutritional value,” said another epicure at the store.
The shop owners said that they are in the business of making haleem at the Pista House for 25 years, with 25 to 28 outlets in the city.

“We are trying our best to keep the legacy and quality of haleem maintained at the store. We are the largest makers and suppliers of haleem in the world,” said Musi.
According to him (owner), the haleem market has seen a revolution ever since they started making and selling it here.

“Haleem is a very healthy dish. It is a combination of pure ghee, mutton or chicken, and spices; when it all comes together, it makes a combination of a protein-packed dish,” he added.

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