Putin lauds PM Modi’s independent foreign policy, says India has made great economic strides under his leadership

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Moscow [Russia], October 28 : Russian President, in his annual address to the Valdai Discussion Club, a Moscow-based think tank, on Thursday lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s independent foreign policy, saying that a lot has been done under his leadership in India as he called him a patriot of the country, according to Reuters translation of Putin’s statement which he said in Russian.

“A lot has been done under the leadership of PM Modi. He is a patriot of his country. His idea of ‘Make in India’ matters both economic wise and in ethics. Future belongs to India, it can be proud of the fact that it’s the largest democracy in the world,” the Kremlin said at Valdai Discussion Club, as per Reuters translation.

Calling India’s development a tremendous one in its development from being a British colony to a modern state, the Russian president added that around 1.5 billion people and definite development results give reasons for everyone’s respect and admiration for India.

“India has made tremendous progress in its development from being a British colony to a modern state. Almost 1.5 billion people & tangible development results give reasons for everyone’s respect & admiration for India,” he added.

He further emphasised ties between India and Russia, calling it a special relationship.

“It has been underpinned by a close ally relationship of many decades. We’ve never had any difficult issues and supported each other & that’s happening right now. I’m sure it’ll happen in future,” as per the Reuters translation of Putin’s statement.
Putin also underlined that PM Modi has asked him to increase the supply of fertilisers which is very important for Indian agriculture.


“We have increased volume by 7.6 times. Trade in agriculture has almost doubled,” he added, as per Reuters.

Putin’s address to the Kremlin-affiliated institute comes as Moscow continues to escalate the war in Ukraine more than eight months after Russia launched its invasion on February 24.
Meanwhile, he also slammed the West for playing “dirty games” for global dominance in his high-profile address and said he is convinced that sooner or later “new centres of power will emerge in the multipolar world and the West will have to start talking as equals about our common future.”

However, he added that the US and its allies are not safe from the consequences of their own actions. Putin during the session said that the West cannot sit out crises it has caused. “Only a world united by common goals can act on the challenges it faces, the Russian president added.

“Power over the world is what the West has put at stake in the game it plays. This game is certainly dangerous, bloody and I would call it dirty.”

He highlighted that western nations, which want to impose their values and vision as universal, are robbing everyone, including themselves. “First of all, this eradicates the creative potential of the West itself,” he warned.

“There is a mercantile interest here too” the Russian leader added, reported RT.

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