Hyderabad welcomes Bangla Test: Secy Manoj


Hyderabad welcomes Bangla Test: Secy Manoj

The secretary of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA), K John Manoj, today cleared the rumors that his association will not accept the Bangladesh Test scheduled for 13 February.

“I want to make it clear that HCA has never shown any reluctance to accept the test. We are issuing a tender notice for advertising in today’s stadiums, and we are ready to sign an agreement with TCM (Twenty First Century Media) within a day or two. I do not know who has spread all these rumours, ” HCA Secretary Manoj told PTI.

Asked about the fund crunch, Manoj said: “Every  association needs clearance from the Supreme Court and everyone has secured funds approved by Apex Court.Did any of the Test matches stop.And let me tell you we have organised for enough funds to host the  Test match that will procure through in stadia rights”

Manoj went to so far as to say that they actually arranged for Bangladesh to come a little earlier as they would like to play a three-day warm up game.

“In fact, Bangladesh wants to come a week early for the training match. we have enough funds for that also.  So I think some BCCI officials, who are probably disqualified, want to spread baseless  rumors. So I put it again Hyderabad is hosting the match,”Manoj signed off.

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