Who are you to accept the package?

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Who are you to accept the package?

Andhra Pradesh has the right to publicly state that the special status of the YSR Congress leader said Dharmana Prasada. The status of all the people who have the right not to be won, he asked to know who the government to accept the package. YS Jagan to the aspirations of all the people inform to special status under the ‘Jai Andhra Pradesh “was conducted by the House.

Andhra Pradesh has the special status of the instruments operating in the field for the Indira Priyadarshini ‘Jai Andhra Pradesh “, he addressed a public meeting” to compensate for the loss of the designation given to the Andhra Pradesh, then Prime Minister Andhra Pradesh made the announcement in Parliament. This statement was backed by the opposition BJP ten status demanded to be, “he recalled. To compensate for the loss of the division, the division of the people who do not like the government gave the assurance that the special status of AP.

The right of people to cool down, Naidu said that the special status ro quits criticized. If the package put signal midnight and the midnight announcement was Arun Jaitley, a witness to the assurances given to Parliament and to the people leave an area, he said. The people in the state, with no consultation with the opposition set aside the issue of the status of the hills, but has been criticized for the noise. For the development of the most backward districts of the northern districts of the state, what was the two and a half Naidu said.