White House announces new immigration measures to come

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White House announces new immigration measures to come

Washington, Feb. 13: US President Donald Trump is to unveil new immigration measures today in the name of keeping Americans safe, with superior aid insisting he did not override his authority with his A controversial travel ban.

With the ban frozen by a federal appeal court pending a more thorough legal review, Trump is “considering and pursuing all options,” presidential aide Stephen Miller told Fox News Sunday.

The White House could either make an urgent appeal to the Supreme Court, defend the merits of the order in the lower courts or issue a new executive order. The last option was floated by Trump himself on Friday.

“We are considering new and additional measures to ensure that immigration is not a vehicle for admitting people who are hostile to their country and its values,” said Mr. Miller at the Meet the Conference Press of NBC.

“There is no such thing as judicial supremacy. What the judges have done is to take power that is directly owned by the President of the United States.”

The question will surely arise when Trump meets today with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said the Republican leader issued his ban that the northern neighbor of America welcomes with open arms “those fleeing persecution, Terror and war.

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