Trump chooses Indian woman to top administration post

National News

US President-elect Donald Trump today nominated an Indian-American lady to a top administration position, making her accountable for a federal agency inside the US Department of Health and Human Services.

“I am satisfied to nominate (Dr) Seema Verma to serve as Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,” Trump said in an announcement.

The declaration joined Trump’s selection of Congressman Tom Price as his Health and Human Services Secretary.

A leading expert in the nation on Medicare and Medicaid, Verma would serve as Administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“She has many years of experience advising on Medicare and Medicaid policy and helping states explore our confounded systems. Together, Chairman Price and Seema Verma are the dream team that will change our healthcare system for the advantage of all Americans,” Trump said.

“I am respected to be nominated by President-elect Trump today,” said Verma, who met Trump in New York last week .

“I look forward helping him handle our country’s overwhelming human services issues in a capable and sustainable way,” she said.

Verma right now is the President, CEO and organizer of SVC, Inc, a national health policy consultancy company.

Situated in Indianapolis, Verma has bolstered Indiana through development of the historic program since its beginning in 2007, from improvement of the empowering legislation, negotiating the financing plan with the state’s hospital association, building up the government waiver, supporting elected transactions and leading the implementation of the program, including the operational design.

For over 20 years, she has worked broadly on an assortment of policyt and key activities including Medicaid, insurance, and public health, working with Governors’ workplaces, state medicaid agencies, state health departments, state departments of insurance, and in addition the government, privately owned businesses and establishments.

“Verma has broad experience redesigning Medicaid programs in a few states. Verma is the architech of the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), the country’s first purchaser coordinated Medicaid program under Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana and then Governor Pence’s HIP 2.0 waiver proposal,” said the presidential transition team.

Verma got her Master’s degree in Public Health, with a concentration in health policy and management from ¬†Johns Hopkins University, and her Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from the University of Maryland.

She served as the state of Indiana’s health reform lead taking after the section of Obamacare in 2010.

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