Rahul’s Twitter account hacked

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Rahul’s Twitter account hacked, expletives-laden tweets posted

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s authentic Twitter account was today evening time hacked and a few expletives laden tweets were posted.

Confirming the improvement, his office said endeavors were being made to rectify the issue.

After the hacking, Congress brought up issues on the digital safety of all Indians and said it reflects exasperating weaknesses of the pervasive rightist culture in the country.

Gandhi’s account was hacked around 8.45 PM and a few messages with obscenities were put out, yet these were deleted soon thereafter.

The name of the checked Twitter handle “@OfficeOfRG” was also changed.

“Such modest strategies will neither suffocate the rational voice of reason nor stop Rahul Gandhi from raising peoples’ issues,” Congress boss representative Randeep Surjewala said.

“Such deceitful, dishonest and crafty lead of corrupt trolls to hack Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle reflects exasperating instabilities of predominant rightist culture,” he said.

Surjewala also tweeted, “Pre-mediatated hacking of @OfficeOfRG resembles an evil scheme to mishandle and scare. It fortifies our make plans to battle for the Nation.”

“Hacking of@OfficeofRG demonstrates absence of Digital security around every one of us. Each advanced data can be gotten to, changed, transformed and altered,” the Congress leader said in another tweet.