Rahul, Mamata demand PM’s resignation at opp meet against note ban

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Rahul, Mamata demand PM’s resignation at opp meet against note ban

Unfazed by the absence of leaders of the Left, JD(U), SP ands BSP, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee, along with some regional parties, have sought today to put in place a united face that raises the ground against demonetisation by demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After the eight-party meeting, leaders also asked for an investigation into Modi’s “personal corruption” issue with Gandhi insisting that a “free and fair” inquiry was needed to maintain the credibility of the Prime Minister’s post.

Banerjee, whose presence saved the congressional plan to reproduce the opposition unity recently observed in Parliament on the issue of the prohibition of the note, virtually stole the show by placing the resignation request, a position by the Continued by Gandhi.

Gandhi and Banerjee both spoke of a “common minimum agenda” to advance the unity of the opposition, although it has minimized the absence of several other parties, including the left, at the meeting today Which preceded the press conference.

Escalating the attack on Modi. Gandhi described the noteban as a “single arbitrary financial experience in the history of the world that has affected 1.3 billion people” and asked him to explain the “real” reason for implementing it and taking responsibility to give people pain.

He also raised the demand that Modi respond to the charges of “personal corruption” made against him in the wake of his name allegedly listed in the “Sahara and Birla diaries”

“Will you take responsibility for demonetization and resign, resign from the Prime Minister?” Asked Banerjee, who described the demonetization of “mega scam” in the name of “achhe din”.

The chief minister of West Bengal said 47 days are over and only three days are left in the 50-day period sought by Modi for the return of normality after the ban on the note.

“He is not a magician to do magic, there is no miracle, you promised to bring a ‘achhe din’.” In the name of cashless, the Modi government has become faceless and unfounded.

“Demontisation is not a small problem. If the government becomes weak, the country is weakened,” she said.

Asked what if the PM did not resign, Gandhi said, “If he does not resign, we will pressure him to resign.