PM hits out at ‘political worshippers’ of blackmoney, graft

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PM hits out at ‘political worshippers’ of blackmoney, graft

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that those who regarded the government movement as “anti-people” were the “political worshipers” of the registry and black money that make the economy, politics and hollow society.

“Friends, you know, we have undertaken a great responsibility in the fight against black money and corruption … Black money and corruption have gradually made our policy, economy, society and the hollow country.

“It is unfortunate that there are political worshipers (rajnaitik pujari) of black money who qualify our actions against her as anti-people,” said Modi at the 14th Pravasi Convention Bharatiya Divas here.

“It is very sad to see some supporters of black money slander measures against corruption,” he said while thanking the Indian diaspora for supporting the government’s actions against corruption and black money.

Underlining the role played by overseas Indians in the development of the country, the Prime Minister said he made an “invaluable contribution” to the Indian economy by investing more than $ 69 billion US dollars.

“For me, FDI has two definitions: one is foreign direct investment and the other is India’s first development,” he said, affirming that “I can confidently say that The 21st century belongs to India “.

“We want to change the brain drain for brain gain,” adding that the government will soon launch a “Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojna” skills development program for Indian youth seeking employment abroad.

Welcoming the efforts of the Indian Diaspora to strengthen the country’s partnership with the overseas Indian community, Modi said: “We do not see the color of passports, but the blood relations that matter more”.

Modi said that “we have extended the period of conversion of PIO cards to OCI from 31 December 2016 to 30 June 2017 without any penalty”.

He also spoke about the various measures taken to ensure the welfare and safety of Indians abroad, from the evacuation of Indians in distress to the other measures taken by his Government in the last two years, Specifically the efforts of the Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj.

He also stated that, starting in Mauritius, his Government was endeavoring to put in place procedures enabling descendants of various Indian communities to become eligible for OIC cards by addressing the difficulties of PIOs in Fiji Islands, Reunion Islands, Suriname, Guyana and other Caribbean States.