Congress plans ‘Money ki Baat’ drive

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Congress plans ‘Money ki Baat’ drive against demonetisation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio program “Mann ki Baat”, in the amid of the heated political speech on the demonetization of the Center’s high-value currency notes, the congress will now organize the “Money ki Baat” with citizens from 20 November.

The urban unit of the party, led by Sanjay Nirupam, will undertake a mass awareness campaign on the “difficulties” of the common man following the withdrawal of Rs 1,000 and old Rs 500 currency from circulation last week.

Speaking at a press conference, Nirupam said the demonization movement had “failed to curb black money and counterfeit money”.

“We will organize ‘Money ki Baat’ outside the banks, stations and marketplaces without disturbing the citizens … protests will also be planned. “We will tell people that this demonetization is a fraud (it is) a badly designed decision without preparation to implement it,” he said.

Nirupam said that as part of the campaign, open debates will be held in the “People’s Court”.

This demonetization has affected the bullion markets as well as retail markets, with the exception of restaurants, vegetable vendors, theaters, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, textiles and leather in Mumbai.

“Production has virtually stopped and employment has been hit. The labor market has virtually collapsed and economic activities have come to a halt,” he said.

The leader of the Congress accused Modi of “dictating” monetary policy, which he said was “contrary to the rules of the RBI”.

“How can the government decide that the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes are illegal bids without pumping enough inferior banknotes,” he said.

Nirupam said out of the currency Rs 17 lakh crore value in the market, Rs 400 crore was counterfeit.

“If ending black money is the center of demonetization, then what is the logic behind the impression of Rs 2000 currency notes,” he said. .